As the Woodman Group’s newest venture, Sarawak Land Shipyard is making big strides in establishing itself in the region and is committed to excellence in its shipbuilding services and a reliable repair yard.

Sarawak Land Shipyard has the facilities, capabilities and expertise to provide dry-docking, repair, upgrading, conversion and construction for a wide range of marine vessels. The shipyard is committed to delivering quality services and timely deliveries at competitive prices. Built on 47 ha (116 acres) of land in the Kuala Baram district of Miri, Sarawak, Sarawak Land Shipyard aims to become one of the largest shipyards, in terms of production capacity, in East Malaysia. In 2012, Sarawak Land Shipyard began construction of its first offshore support vessel. This marks the beginning of our venture into the lucrative oil & gas sector.

With hardworking men and women of our shipyard being supported by the experienced management and technical teams, Sarawak Land Shipyard is able to offer flexibility and fully optimized resources to provide quick turnaround, on time and on budget. This translates into cost and time savings for our customers. The yard’s operations are also ISO 9001 certified, so customers can be rest assured that the yard aims for the highest standards of quality and are committed to continuous improvement.

Intertek International | UKAS Quality Management