Woodman’s shipping division began its operations in 1987, starting with a single landing craft that could only carry approximately 200 MT and operating primarily on the Baram rivers carrying logs, heavy machinery, and stone.  Most activities at that time were to support Woodman’s timber contracting business.

As of 2013, Woodman's shipping division employs more than 200 operational personnel and boasts a fleet of 18 sets of tugs & barges (capacity of approximately 10,000 MT per cargo) and 2 landing crafts (162 teus maximum). The fleet now handles cargo such as coal, scrap iron, gypsum, sand, stone, piping, heavy machinery, logs and dry containers. Our vessels have conducted business throughout the region in ports located in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Yah Island, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Brunei.

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