Plantation & CPO Mill

Woodman began the development of its oil palm plantations in 1999. It has a total land bank of 52,000 ha (≈ 130,000 acres), of which all are fully planted.

Woodman sees the cultivation of oil palm as a natural extension of land-use, and an opportunity to diversify its activities to benefit surrounding local communities and schools, such as Riam Road Secondary School.

In terms of sustainability, Woodman is a leader in the use of bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide in the region. It believes that this is the key to long-term environmental sustainability and consistent high yields.

Woodman's oil palm plantations are located within Sarawak and are made up of the following estates:

  • Usaha (Mineral Land)
  • Tamar (Peat Land)
  • Tatau (Peat Land)
  • Semanok (Peat Land)
  • Adong (Peat Land)
  • Alan (Peat Land)
  • Liku (Peat Land)
  • Bakong (Peat Land)
  • Baram (Peat Land)
  • Drian (Peat Land)
  • Keruntum (Peat Land)
  • Origrow (Peat Land)

Woodman yields approximately 1 million tonnes of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) per annum. It currently has 3 Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Mills in Sarawak, which have a combined processing capacity of 1.2 million tonnes of FFB per annum.