Plantation & CPO Mill

Woodman began the development of its Bintulu oil palm plantations in 1999 and has since its expanded operations into the Kuala Baram region of Sarawak. It has a total land bank of 52,000 ha (≈ 130,000 acres), which is fully planted in 2014.

Woodman sees the cultivation of oil palm as a natural extension of land-use, and an opportunity to diversify our activities for local community. In addition, Woodman is also a leader in the use of bio-fertilizer in the region.

Woodman's oil palm plantations are located within Sarawak and are made up of the following estates:

  • Usaha (Mineral Land)
  • Tamar (Peat Land)
  • Tatau (Peat Land)
  • Semanok (Peat Land)
  • Adong (Peat Land)
  • Alan (Peat Land)
  • Liku (Peat Land)
  • Bakong (Peat Land)
  • Baram (Peat Land)
  • Drian (Peat Land)
  • Keruntum (Peat Land)
  • Origrow (Peat Land)

By 2015, Woodman expects a yield of over 1 million tonnes of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) per annum. This number will increase over the next several years, as some areas are still immature.

Woodman currently has three Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Mills in operation in Sarawak which have a combined processing capacity of 1.2 million tonnes of FFB per annum. In order to cope with the increase in FFB production, Woodman's fourth CPO Mill is scheduled to be commissioned in 2018. With a combined processing capacity of 1.8 million tonnes of FFB per annum, Woodman will be positioned as one of the largest palm oil processing companies in the region.